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Black Sage (Mugwort) Smudge Stick - approx. 4.5"L (1 stick)

Black Sage (Mugwort) Smudge Stick - approx. 4.5"L (1 stick)

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The Black Sage (Mugwort) smudge stock is traditionally used for Cleansing & Purification.  This bundle of dried Mugwort mixed with Black Sage has a wonderful sweet herbal smell.  Black Sage is an herb of introspection and inner healing. When burnt before bedtime, it aids in restful sleep and pleasant dreams. Besides, Black Sage is used for astral travel 靈魂出竅, shamanic journey, and for protection during such excursions .  Mugwort can also be used to repel insects. 

• Cleansing crystal, jewelry or clothing, especially second-hand objects, even tarot cards. 
• House cleansing.
• Whenever you need to clear the toxic energy.  
• Remember place the black sage in a fire proof bowl or abalone shell when it is still flaming.
How to use:
• Open all windows and front door, to let the negative energy go.
• Light one end of the black sage smudge stick.
• Let it burn for a few seconds then blow out the flame.
• Holding it in your hand and walk around your home including corners and behind the doors, waving the smoke in the air.
• You can also smudge your energy from feet to head.
• During the smudging, you can say whatever your what to say.
• No need to use the whole stick during smudging.  

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