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Dill Seeds, Bouquet (Heirloom)

Dill Seeds, Bouquet (Heirloom)

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Seeds Weight: 1 g  

Place of Origin: U.S.A. 

Annual.  Plant with strongly aromatic foliage, stems, and heads. Both seeds and stem can be used to flavor food. Seeds are used for vinegar, sauce and soup.  Stem and branch for chicken, lamp and fish. Yellow dill flowers taste much like the herb’s leaves, it is edible.

 Sow: Fall/ Winter/ Year-Round (Indoor)

Where: Sunny Location

Germination: 10 days

Maturity: 65 days

Soil: Moist and well-drained

Height: 3 feet

Row Spacing: 18 inches

Planting Depth: 6 inch

Seed Spacing: 8 inch


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