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Hyssop Seeds (Heirloom)

Hyssop Seeds (Heirloom)

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Seeds Weight: 1 g  

Place of Origin: U.S.A. 

Perennial.  Decorative plant, showy spikes of blue flowers with a refreshing aromatic scent. Slightly bitter leaves are finely chopped on salad, game meats, soups and stews. Helps digestion.  Essential oil used in perfumery.   The traditional use of the hyssop has primarily been as an herbal remedy for respiratory disorders of all kinds.

Sow: Year-Round

Where: Sunny or Partial Shade Location

Germination: 7-14 days

Maturity: 70 days

Soil: Moist and well-drained

Height: 12-24 inches

Row Spacing: 1-1.5 feet

Planting Depth:1/4 inch

Seed Spacing:  12-18 inches



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