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Nippon Kodo's Morning Star Incense

Nippon Kodo's Morning Star Incense

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Packing: 1 pack (50 sticks) 
Place of Import: USA
Origin: Vietnam

Nippon Kodo's Morning Star incense was created in the 1960s in Japan.  They have mixed with high quality ingredients such as pure floral essences and aromatic woods.   They are suitable for mediation, relaxation, reading, listening music and peace of mind.  Besides, when it burns, very little smoke.
  • Box includes a ceramic tile burner
  • Burn Time: Approx. 25 min
  • Length of Incense: Approx. 12 cm 
1. Sandalwood Incense - It delivers a pure, clean burn that will help to meditate and to relax. Sandalwood incense can also be burnt while reading or listening to music, to set your mind at ease.
2. Lavender Incense - Burning lavender sticks recreates a sense of cleanliness and a calm, deep joy.  It brings a very sweet nourishing energy of blessings and being at ease with oneself.
3. Pine Incense - Pine has a grounding and purifying effect.  Using pine in smudging is considered to help bring forgiveness to any situation. Besides, this Pine fragrance is elevating and refreshing, delivering a strong, clean Pine aroma. 


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