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Sage Seedling

Sage Seedling

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Please purchase at FarmVe, Shop W23 at 1/F, Tai Po Hui Market and Cooked Food Center, cash payment on-site (Close on Wednesday).

(While stock lasts)  **Sorry, no on-line order is accepted.

(Organic Seeds)  Perennial.  (Salvia officinalis) Use grey-green leaves and young stem tips for flavoring poultry, stuffing, meats, sausages, chowders and sauces.  Burn a little sage over coals to repel mosquitoes!  Works great.  Blossoms are also edible.  They have a subtle flavor similar to the leaves.  Long time ago, Sage is used for anti-inflammatory and release nervous headache.

Where: Sunny Location

Soil: Poor soil and well-drained

Fertilizer: Nitrogen (N) in higher percentage or Herbs Fertilizer.   Follow instruction of the package for when to do fertilizing or fertilizing once a week.

Remarks: After fertilizing, wait at least 5-7 days before picking the leaves or edible flowers.


  1. Jiffy R2 is a 100% biodegradable, nontoxic nursery pot.  The whole pot can be put into the garden or a bigger pot directly, no need to worry about hurting the root.
  2. Use European imported soil.
  3. Mix soil with MixO’ Plus Organic Compost Soil as basal dressing.  The plant will grow healthier.


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